Coping with Celiac Disease

Living with Celiac Disease

Although celiac disease is a manageable condition, it is a chronic disease, and patients need to adjust their lifestyle significantly and permanently if they are to remain healthy.

The practical implications of celiac disease can have a social and emotional impact not only on the patient, but on the entire family.

Faced with a long list of foods they cannot consume, celiac patients and their families can sometimes become isolated, fearing or avoiding events, parties, restaurants and outings involving meals or food. Our gluten free diet guide (available in English and Spanish) can assist you in adhering to a gluten free diet.

If your child or your family is having trouble coping with celiac disease, your dietitian or doctor may be able to provide advice. You may wish to ask if they can refer you to any celiac disease support groups. And don’t be afraid to seek counseling. It can be very helpful in dealing with anxiety, depression or emotional stress related to celiac disease.

Educational support for the NASPGHAN Foundation’s Celiac Disease Education Campaign was provided by supporters University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research and Prometheus Therapeutics and Diagnostics.

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